Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

The Wedding of Central JAVA

it's my cousin's wedding series, enjoy !

she did Sungkeman to show respect to her parents by bowing the head and knees to the ground

Siraman, ceremony of bathing the bride

her parents sold Dawet, drink made from a mixture of sugar, coconut, milk, and jelly-like pieces of dough. In this topic, dawet is used to enliven that celebration. Peoples use a piece of roof tile to buy a glass of dawet. Hmmm, yummy !

Akad Nikah (Marriage Oath)

Bride and groom were reconcilable in Panggih ceremony, ritual meeting at the wedding of a couple being married. And the bridegroom break a raw egg with his foot, then being cleaned by the bride.

Then they (will) life happily ever after !

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